Historical Archive



The race archived is preserved in the Mille Miglia Museum, with more than one hundred and thirty thousand documents preserved by Renzo Castagneto and his staff in the 1927-1957 period at the Automobile Club of Brescia.

Apart from a few exceptions or losses, the Historical Archives of the event contain all organization-related material, such as competitors’ entry form, correspondence exchanged with car marques and their racing divisions, race results and charts, starting lists, press reviews with articles, papers and magazines of that period, the famous one-issue magazines called “Numeri Unici”.
All documents have been scanned for digital archive storage, so that they are now accessible through a search engine.

Researches and professionals, but also fascinated persons and fans of historical car races can consult the Historical Archives submitting their request for specific archival research by mail, email or fax.
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E-mail : archivio@museomillemiglia.it