Museo Nicolis

It is not a traditional museum but a spectacular and modern container for culture and ideas. His name is “Museo Nicolis dell’Auto, della Tecnica, della Meccanica“. Opened in 2000 in Villafranca near Verona, the museum was created by Luciano Nicolis, an entrepreneur from Verona and founder of the Lamacart Group, who has brought together his passion fort technology and mechanics in this very modern steel and glass building.

Museo Nicolis is dedicated to the evolution of means of transport, which proved decisive in the last two centuries of mankind’s progress. It is an extraordinary site of history and emotions that holds, in 6.000 square meters area, hundreds of vintage cars, motorbikes, bikes, photographic cameras, typewriters, musical instruments and much more.

Museo Nicolis is one of the most prestigious private museums in Italy and in Europe. Open to various forms of innovation and experimentation, it is the lively promoter of culture and a hub of attraction for the whole territory. Managed using an entrepreneurial logic, the museum is known to be the effective and tangible example of an enterprise- museum; an “unconventional” cultural institution that promotes knowledge and innovation without losing sight of the objectives of growth and development.