Mille Miglia Museum


Mille Miglia Museum, open to the public since 10th November 2004, has been conceived to meet the need for hearing living witness to the Mille Miglia, Brescia’s legendary car race.

The idea of a museum dedicated to the Red Arrow was launched and implemented by the Associazione Museo della Mille Miglia Città di Brescia, expressly formed by a few “friends” together with the Automobil Club of Brescia.

The museum of the legendary race “Mille Miglia” is situated inside the Monastery of Saint Eufemia, a beautiful building complex of immense archaeological, historical and architectural value. The good position and the important history of the building give to the Mille Miglia Museum further prestige.

The Museum dedicated to the Mille Miglia competition was born to carry out an ambitious cultural and educational project: to help visitors to appreciate such an extraordinary sporting event while illustrating a cross section of Italian culture, history and social customs between 1927 to 1957, also through description and presentations of monuments and places, towns and regions, included edition after edition in the route of this epoch making event.
The Museum pathway consists in nine time sections (seven devoted to the 1927-1957 Mille Miglia, one to the 1958-1961 Mille Miglia and one to the contemporary Mille Miglia).
Each section is provided with a computer station offering information, race results and images, as well as a few screens where original filmed sequences can be viewed.

Along the museum pathway are showed private collector cars that are periodically replaced by other in case of participation in event : in particular, the largest turnover usually take place on the occasion of Mille Miglia.

Not a traditional museum, therefore, but rather an exhibition space of great architectural value, where visitors can cover –not only theoretically- the entire physical and historical route of the Mille Miglia across Italy, passing through regions, cities and crowds of people.

The route it is represented from the entrance to the exit by a red walkway meandering across all the sections of the museum.

Cars and drivers’ images represent, however, the real protagonists of the exhibition. Many of them are visible at various points along the walkway.

At the end of this virtual journey along the “red street”, the pathway will bring you in an area dedicated to firm and institutions where it is possible to realized particular situation with historical or recent atmosphere of the Mille Miglia race.

Before the exit of the museum it is possible to visit rare collections dedicated at the historical Mille Miglia competition, located into the old stall of the Monastery.

Opening hours and tickets

The Museum is open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Prices per person:
Full Ticket: Euro 8,00
Over 65 years old: Euro 6,00
Under 10 years old: Gratis
From 11 to 16 years old: Euro 3,00
Aci members provided with a current, valid personal membership card: Euro 6,00

Italian and English guide are available on request.

In the museum our shop offers a large range of merchandising, important publication and books regarding drivers, cars, history about ” world’s most beautiful race”.

By presenting at the ticket office your current, valid ACI membership card, the ticket price will be Euro 5,00 also for people accompanying you.