Giovanni Canestrini Hall



  • Free of forniture room, ancient Monastery’s stable with marble mangers for horses.
    Two central columns, on the ground floor, in front of the parking area and connected to the Conference Room and the Restaurant (measures: 15,00 m X 9,66 m = 145mq)
    • Disposition: as theatre, conference desk, buffet table, various tables.


    • Meetings
    • Presentation of products
    • Exhibitions

    TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT (included in the leasing cost):

    • Baby-grand Piano


    • Telephone and fax
    • Photocopies

    ADDITIONAL SERVICES, on request:

    • Amplification system with microphone and radio-microphone
    • Digital projector with tripod screen
    • Parking area in front of the museum (only during the museum’s closing hours)
    • Inner parking area for 45 cars
    • Circular (165 cm Ø) or rectangular (220 cm X 90) tables
    • Chairs
    • Lunches
    • Buffet
    • Coffee break
    • Appetizer
    • Hostess
    • Car-park attendant