The Mille Miglia Museum

The Museum is dedicated to the ‘Red Arrow’ race and was brought to life by the Mille Miglia Museum Association. It was established in December 1996 by a group of Brescian businessmen known as the “Friends of the Mille Miglia”. The Association today has 50 shareholders.

The new Museum was opened to the public on 10 November 2004. Setting up this project involved restoring the Sant’Eufemia monastery complex, owned by the Brescia municipality. The property is of huge archaeological, historical and architectural value and had for some time been undergoing relentless degradation.

The Museum stands out from other automobile museums precisely because of its location at this hugely important historic site. The Mille Miglia Museum is the guardian of history there, telling its legendary story and providing living testament, day after day, to that period of the region’s past.

The Museum is not intended to be a simple archive. Instead, it aims to reconstruct this famous cultural sporting event, within the context of Italy’s vast history. The Mille Miglia Museum has been able to establish a collection of rare, four-wheeled gems, which it exhibits in its museum. This is all thanks to the devotion of private collectors and partnerships with other automobile museums, including a Cooperation Agreement the Mille Miglia has signed with the Mercedes-Benz Museum. The cars loaned to the Mille Miglia are arranged in the Museum before sets and backdrops that recall for visitors the various periods in which the race was alive.

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Opening hours and tickets

The Mille Miglia Museum is open every day from 10.00am until 6.00pm*

* Last access at 5.00 pm

Prices per person

Adults: 10.00 euros.
Over 65s: 8.00 euros.
Children under 10: free.
Children aged 11 - 16: 4.00 euros.
Disabled visitors assistants: 8.00 euros.
Group tickets (20+ persons): 8.00 euros.

* Access permitted for small animals on a leash and/or in a carrier.

Extraordinary Closing and Opening Days:

The Museum will be closed to the public on the following days:
- Monday 1 January 2024
- Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 January 2024
- Sunday 31 March 2024
- Thursday 15 August 2024
- Friday 1 November 2024
- Tuesday 24, Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 December 2024
- Tuesday 31 December 2024
- Wednesday 1 January 2025

Entry for ACI (Automobile Club d'Italia) members: 8.00 euros. Present a valid ACI membership card upon arrival and your guests’ tickets will also be reduced to 8.00 euros.

* The Shop inside the Museum has a vast range of merchandise and published works on the history, cars and drivers of the 'most wonderful race in the world'.

For further information, write to us at

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The Archives

The race archives are kept at the Mille Miglia Museum. They contain around 130,000 documents that Reno Castagneto and his staff held at the Brescia Automobile Club between 1927 and 1957.
The Archives are an excellent resource for researching and studying classic car races as they contain all sorts of materials pertaining to the organisation of the races, including competitor registration cards, correspondence with the race teams and car manufacturers, standings, starting grids, tables, press clippings (including contemporary articles, newspapers and magazines) and the famous “Numeri Unici” yearbooks. Everything has been scanned and digitised so that the digital archives at the Mille Miglia can be explored via a search engine.

Accompanied by our employees, researchers and professionals working in the automobile history and classic car racing sectors, as well as classic car owners and aficionados, can access the Archives’ contents. Thus, anyone with an interest in the matter may perform specific searches on their cars under the headings below:
T. +39 030 3365631

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